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Ex-Sports Doctor Breaks Down the Severity of Fernando Tatis Jr.'s Injury

Dr. David Chao: “This is a left shoulder subluxation. Unfortunately, it likely means it’s a labral tear, and unfortaunely it means he’s going to need surgery. I’m not a doom and gloom guy and I think the plan is to still try and play him through the season. The Padres knew about this shoulder injury yet they still gave him this lifetime 14-year, $340 million contract. The Padres aren’t dumb, and they knew about it. He’s been playing through it over the years but it comes and goes. My concern now is that it’s come twice in two weeks on fairly routine plays, and one rule of thumb on shoulder sublaxtion instability inssues is that the eaiser it discolates or sublaxes the more often it will happen again and again… He’s a very powerful and violent player, and graceful and a great athlete, but he puts a lot of force on that shoulder. Twice now in just under two weeks he’s had shoulder sublaxation; last time he came back very quickly, but this time it will probably be a little bit longer… Depending on how big the labral tear is, he’ll probbaly get an MRI to see if it got any bigger. If it got bigger my guess is that they shut him down for the season. If it didn’t get bigger, I think they can still rehab and see if they can try and get him through the year. If he has surgery now he’s done for the season, and it is a six month recovery. The hope is that he can effectively play through the season, and then have it done in the offseason. Sorry to share the bad news, I think it is inevitable that surgery is in his future. Let’s hope it’s a surgery that happens in the offseason and that he can return 100% in 2022… The bright side is that it’s not new. The team knew about it and still had confidence in the $340 million contract.” (Full Video Segment Above)

Listen to Dr. David Chao, a former team physician with the San Diego Chargers for 17 years, who has also worked with the Minnesota Twins and Chicago Cubs, break down the Fernando Tatis Jr.'s shoulder injury and try to speculate on what type of fate the Padres star will potentially face in the days after his injury.

Tatis Jr. left Monday night’s game after corkscrewing himself on a big swing and sprawling down to his knees grasping his shoulder. The Padres released a statement after the game saying Tatis Jr. had suffered a left shoulder subluxation, which was already the same shoulder injury he had suffered less than two weeks prior in Spring Training.

Check out the segment above as Dr. Chao details why he fears that Tatis Jr. suffered a labrum tear that will eventually need surgery on.

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