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Colin Cowherd: Steph Curry is Benefitting Off Historically Bad NBA Defenses

Colin Cowherd: “I’ve been defending Steph Curry forever and I don’t think I’ve ever been critical of Steph Curry. I am ‘MR. STEPH CURRY.’ Last night he hit ten threes and scored almost 50. I’m not here to be Debbie Downer but I actually wasn’t blown away. To score 49 points in an NBA game is big, but Steph Curry didn’t suddenly get THIS much better. Let’s add context. It has been a TERRIBLE year for defense in the NBA. We’re going to have the top 4 offensive ratings in league history all this year. The most points scored in 50 years in the NBA THIS year. The players didn’t suddenly all get great. They didn’t just suddenly start shooting threes. Folks, it’s been an awful year to play defense and there’s a reason for it. Because it’s a condensed schedule and players are more EXHAUSTED. It’s a shortened offseason so players are more EXHAUSTED. What part of the game do you give up when you’re exhausted? NOT offense. We’ve also had more DNP’s for star players resting for the playoffs. Last night Steph Curry didn’t even face Ben Simmons because Simmons took the night off. Ben Simmons is a great defensive player… Last weekend Steph went crazy against Boston and Jaylen Brown didn’t play, a great defensive guard. You also have no fans at most of these games, and it has a very ‘scrimmage’ feel to it. Do you ever go to the YCMA? How good of defense do they play? ‘Scrimmages’ lean offense. Players also have a little animosity. Most of them didn’t want to start the season as quickly as they did and they didn’t want an All-Star weekend, so they decided when they’re going to pick their spots this year. And where are players picking their spot? On the OFFENSIVE side of the floor, because that’s how you get paid and that’s how you get shoe deals… We’ve had almost 100 games where a player has scored 40 points, and we have 200 games to go. That is DOUBLE ten years ago. We have an NBA offensive bubble, and it’s going to burst next year, and the offensive numbers will pull back a little bit. Steph is great and I love him but this has been an atrocious year for NBA defense.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he’s not as impressed with Steph Curry’s torrid streak of 30+ point games as the rest of the NBA world, as Colin says Steph hasn’t suddenly gotten better at basketball, but is instead, taking advantage of an ‘atrocious year for NBA defense.’

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he’s not buying into any offensive numbers in the year 2021, as Colin believes we’re in a short-term offensive ‘bubble’ given the altered circumstances for this 72-game condensed season.

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