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Darren Rovell Details Faltering Relationship of Kobe Bryant Estate and Nike

Listen to sports business reporter from The Action Network, Darren Rovell, join The Doug Gottlieb Show to discuss the recent news that the Kobe Bryant estate will not renew their long-time partnership with Nike.

Bryant began his relationship with the company in 2003, beginning a nearly two-decade-long run that produced some of the most popular basketball shoes of all time.

In last year’s ‘Bubble’ shortened season, 102 NBA players wore Kobe-branded sneakers.

The Bryant estate, led by Kobe’s wife Vanessa, reportedly was not happy with some of the business decisions Nike had made in the wake of Kobe’s tragic passing, including the limited availability of Kobe’s shoes in the months after the January 26th, 2020 helicopter crash, and the lack of children’s options with Kobe shoes as well.

Check out the video above as Rovell breaks down how he thinks this impasse will ultimately play out.

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