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Why Ja Morant is Already a Better Player than Steph Curry

Why Ja Morant is Already a Better Player than Steph Curry
Jason Smith: “Ja Morant is only 6’3”. We laud Steph Curry for what he does at 6’3” and say ‘HE’S SO SMALL! HE SCORES ALL THOSE POINTS!’ Steph Curry can’t get in close to the hoop and get buckets like Ja Morant can. They’re the same size, they’re 6’3”, 185 pounds and Ja Morant can find a way for alley-oop dunks and getting his own shot in the lane, and the only way Steph Curry is scoring inside the arc is on some sort of transition layup or from the free-throw line. Once in a while he will give you that running one-hander where he puts it up like 30 feet in the air and it bounces in… Steph is the best shooter that I’ve ever seen, but he doesn’t have the game that Ja Morant does. Ja Morant can do it from ANYWHERE, and Steph can’t get shots from inside the arc. You say he’s ‘too small’ but him and Ja Morant are the same exact size and Ja has no problem doing it [getting inside the arc]. If think Steph Curry is that special, there are certain things he CAN’T do that Ja Morant CAN do. This is why at the end of games if the Memphis Grizzlies are struggling or need a basket Ja Morant can get it for you and Steph Curry couldn’t. Who got the bucket at the end of the Grizzlies/Warriors game? Was it Steph Curry? No, he didn’t get a shot off in the final minute. Who had the big bucket that won the game? Ja Morant. What was it? A drive to the hoop and an off-balance one-hander floater in the lane. They’re both the same height but Ja Morant finds a way to get to the bucket, and Steph Curry doesn’t get shots off at the end of games.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Ja Morant is already a better player than Steph Curry, as Morant’s 47-point playoff outburst vs. the Jazz on Wednesday has many wondering if this is the beginning of Morant’s superprime as one of the game’s best players.

Check out the audio above as Smith compares the two 6’3”, 185-pound guards, detailing why Morant has ‘more game’ than the less dimensional marksmen, Steph.

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