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Why the New York Knicks Will Be NBA Finals Favorites Next Season

Why the New York Knicks Will Be NBA Finals Favorites Next Season
Jason Smith: “You can see that the Knicks are a limited team, but how many stars are watching this series, seeing this team, seeing the excitement of Madison Square Garden, seeing the energy around the team, and how well they play together, and saying to themselves ‘I’D LIKE TO GO PLAY THERE.’ The Knicks are a great place to go. Look at MSG, look at it rockin’, look at the team. ‘I can go win there’, ‘I can get my points’ whether it’s Steph Curry, or it’s Bradley Beal, because that’s all the Knicks are missing, a guy to take the scoring burden off who you can plop in at small forward or shooting guard… Steph Curry has gotta leave at some point and Bradley Beal wants out of Washington really bad. Kawhi Leonard could be the guy after this year… The image of New York and of the Knicks has changed immensely over the course of this year. Tonight was the night where it was like ‘I can get caught up in the excitement again, look at what playoff basketball is like at Madison Square Garden.’ It became even easier for the Knicks to say they’re going to get somebody this offseason because they’re not far away. They are that one shooting guard or small forward away from being a championship contender. They have everything else on the team that they need. The Knicks became even more of a destination with their win tonight… The Knicks are done being the doormat… A few months from now it’s gonna be ‘boy, ya know the Knicks are a trendy pick to win the NBA title this year!' That’s how close the Knicks are.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Wednesday night’s Knicks win in front of a rambunctious New York City crowd was the type of resumé tape that could sway one of the game’s best players to take their talents to the Big Apple as soon as possible.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why the Knicks are simply one player away – alla a Bradley Beal, Steph Curry, or Kawhi Leonard – from being a popular pick to win the NBA Finals.

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