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Lil Baby Arrested, James Harden Detained For Possession of Weed in Paris

Rapper Lil Baby and Brooklyn Nets All-Star guard James Harden were reportedly stopped by police in Paris, which led to the rapper's arrest.

TMZ reports Lil Baby and Harden, who are currently in France for Paris Fashion Week, were traveling with 20 grams of weed inside their vehicle when they were pulled over by police officers on Thursday.

Sources toldTMZLil Baby was arrested while Harden, who did not break any laws, was allowed to leave the area.

A Twitter user (@TiSolder971) shared a video of Harden and several other individuals being questioned by local officers, which includes the NBA star saying he doesn't understand why he's being searched.

TMZ also shared a photo of an officer holding what appears to be a vaping device, though not confirming who it belonged to or whether it contained the marijuana reportedly involved in the incident.

Lil Baby was photographed sitting in the back of a police van and appeared to be handcuffed, with local French media reporting he was among three individuals arrested due to "some sort of marijuana-related charge," according to TMZ.