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Nick Wright: 'Devin Booker is Not a Superstar'

Nick Wright: “Devin Booker last night was 3 for 14 and he didn’t play in the fourth quarter. Quietly, Devin Booker, since the game where he broke his nose in Game 2 against the Clippers, he’s played eight games and has not shot over 50% once. In fact, in all of these playoffs he’s only shot over 50% in 4 of his 19 games. In his last eight playoff games Booker is shooting 36% from the field, less than 30% from three, and in these Finals he was mediocre in Game 1, BAD in Game 3, was 4 for 12 in the first half of Game 2, but then was excellent in the 2nd half of Game 2, but Deandre Ayton played great too so it was papered over again. Last night he was bad, and people are acknowledging him for it but not killing him for it. I’m not here to kill him for it because Devin Booker is not the caliber of player that deserves to get killed for a terrible game. That might sound like an indictment but it’s not. It is the ‘Superstar Test.’ Do you want to know who is and who ISN’T a superstar in this league? Ask yourself this question: can you have a 3 for 14 and have it not be the lead or the secondary lead from that game? If you can then you’re NOT. We’ve had the term ‘superstar’ thrown around quite liberally with Trae Young, Donovan Mitchell, and Juliuis Randle. He’s a ‘future’ superstar, but if you can go 3 for 14, have your coach sit you for the entire fourth quarter, and it’s not the overwhelming lead story where people are eviscerating him it means you’re not a ‘superstar.’ We know what would happen if LeBron, KD, Giannis, Kawhi, or Steph, THOSE GUYS, had that game and their team put them on the bench in the fourth quarter. Devin Booker is excellent and one day will be a ‘superstar’ but not yet.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Nick Wright, guest-hosting for Colin Cowherd, explain why these NBA Finals have pulled back the curtain on Devin Booker’s status in the NBA, and one that is certainly not defined as a ‘superstar.’

Booker is averaging 22.7 points in three games vs. the Bucks and is shooting just .383 from the field and .333 from three, as the Suns cling to a 2-1 series lead after a convincing Bucks victory in Milwaukee. In the regular season, Booker averaged 25.6 points and shot .484 from the field, and .340 from three.

Check out the video above as Nick details why Booker has already failed the ‘superstar test.’

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