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'Tom Brady Effect' Shows an Amazing Correlation Between QB And Local Teams

Everyone knows Tom Brady has brought championship success to the two NFL franchises he's played for, but perhaps he isn't getting enough credit.

SB Nation shared an ongoing social media phenomenon in which people are pointing out the correlation between the seven-time Super Bowl champion quarterback and championship teams in the area he lived in at the time.

The comparison stems from the Tampa Bay Lightning winning their second consecutive Stanley Cup last Wednesday, both of which came after Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in March 2020 and within months of the 43-year-old leading the Bucs to a Super Bowl victory in February.

Obviously, Brady has played a major factor in the success of Boston/New England area teams, leading the New England Patriots to six Super Bowls during his 20 seasons in Foxborough, which coincided with championships won by the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins in their respective sports.

In total, Boston/New England area teams won 12 championships during the 20 years Brady played for the Patriots, with the Red Sox accounting for four and both the Celtics (2008) and Bruins (2011) winning one each.

It's worth noting that SB Nation's chart includes the Patriots' 2007 AFC Champion team -- which lost to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII after an undefeated regular season -- for "Super Bowl," both excludes the 2011 and 2017 Patriots teams, which also fell short in the 'Big Game.'

But there's even more.

Teams in the city Brady lived in have been successful dating back to his childhood.

The then-Oakland Raiders won Super Bowl XV in 1980 when Brady was a 3-year-old still living in Northern California. The San Francisco 49ers dominated the decade, winning four Super Bowls in 1981, 1984, 1988, and 1989, as well as Super Bowl XXIX in 1994, when the future NFL quarterback was growing up.

Additionally, the Oakland Athletics won the World Series in 1989.

Brady began his collegiate career at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in 1995, which coincided with the Detroit Red Wings winning the Eastern Conference Championship during his freshman season and back-to-back Stanley Cups during the next two seasons.

Brady's alma matter also won the College Football National Championship in 1997, although Brady was backing up starting quarterback Brian Griese at the time.

The study also includes the Red Wings' 2001 Stanley Cup championship, which occurred after the quarterback was already in New England, but may be attributed to some "Brady magic" being leftover in the Motor City.

You can view the entire list of championships correlated to where Tom Brady lives here.

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