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WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss Called Out Fan For Body Shaming Tweet

WWE superstar Alexa Bliss called out a fan for a tweet body-shaming her on Monday morning.

The initial post shared by Twitter user @tnc_wbff -- who has since switched to a private account -- compared four photos of the former Women's Champion's buttocks.

Bliss, whose real name is Lexi Kaufman, has been candid about her struggles with eating disorders, anxiety, and depression in the past, which she addressed in her response.

"#1. how F’Ing DARE you try to body shame me. #2. All pics except last one are very old. #3 I haven’t been able to control my weight loss lately since being sick a few months ago . #4 all u have to say about my career since 2013 is pics of my butt? I pity u bless," Bliss quote-tweeted the initial post.

The 29-year-old wrestler revealed early in her WWE career that she battled a life-threatening eating disorder at the age of 15.

Last year, Bliss shared her story as part of a feature for Sports Illustrated, weeks after winning the Women's Tag Team Championships alongside former tag-team partner Nikki Cross.

“When I went to the hospital, I almost went into cardiac arrest,” said Bliss. “And I wasn’t allowed to go to sleep—they thought I’d die if I did.”

Bliss also addressed battles with anxiety, which during her freshman year of college, and noted a history of eating disorders in her family, including both her mother and grandmother experiencing similar battles.

“I take it day-by-day,” said Bliss. “Dealing with eating disorders, anxiety, and depression, I’m no stranger to mental illness. Every few years, I deal with a really bad spell of depression. You have to know it doesn’t have to overtake your life.

“Mental illness can dictate someone’s entire life. I put myself in a position to be in the public eye, but I’m doing what I love. I’ve gone to therapy, I’ve done everything I can do to get my brain in a healthy place.”

Bliss, a former multi-sport athlete and Arnold Classic competitor, signed with WWE in May 2013 and was trained at the company's Performance Center, before emerging as a star for its then-developmental brand NXT.

Bliss was promoted to WWE's main roster in 2016 and remained a top villain during her early run, which included winning the RAW Women's Championship three times and theSmackDown Women's Championship two times between 2016-18.

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