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Colin Cowherd Chooses Which Teams Would Be Ideal For Aaron Rodgers in 2022

Colin Cowherd: “We’re going to play ‘Aar-ON’ or ‘Aar-OUT’, and if Aaron Rodgers would be interested in these teams, or these teams would be interested in Aaron."

Watch Colin Cowherd pick which NFL teams would be the ideal backdrop for Aaron Rodgers in 2022 should the three-time MVP not be in Green Bay after this season.

Las Vegas Raiders

“Aar-OUT. Derek Carr just came off career-highs in multiple categories, he’s only 30, and he’s absolutely in his prime. They were the 30th ranked defense, and Derek Carr is not the problem he’s the solution. They have a million things to worry about, and not paying $38 million for a quarterback.”

Denver Broncos

“Aar-IN. We know they want Aaron, there have been multiple reports. Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock went a combined 8-20 last years. If I’m Aaron Rodgers I’m not interested because who’s my coach? Vic Fangio is kind of a lame duck coach. They’re not going to win a bunch, their division is full of really good offenses, and he [Vic Fangio] doesn’t have one. You gotta be able to score so if I was Aaron I would stay away."

Check out the FULL video above for Colin’s picks on the Browns, Dolphins, Patriots, Giants, Washington Football Team, Eagles, and Saints.

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