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Why USA Men's Soccer Has a Brighter Future than the Women's National Team

Why USA Men's Soccer Has a Brighter Future than the Women's National Team
Jason Smith: “You want a hot take? This is something you couldn’t say for 20 years but you can say it now and it’s accurate. US Men’s Soccer is in better shape than US Women’s Soccer. Think about it for a second, not just because of the result at the Gold Cup. Think about where these teams are headed. All of the best players that the United States men have are in their early-20’s and they didn’t play in the Gold Cup. The era of men’s soccer that we have been waiting for is coming. We’re going to breeze through qualifying for the World Cup, we’re going to have a great 2022, and we’re going to be a threat to win it all in 2026 when all our players are all in their mid-20’s and at their peak. We’ve been waiting for this from men’s soccer for a long time and it’s here. Compare this to the United States Women’s Team, where we have been telling you – enjoy this run – and now it’s over because the next time you see the Women’s National Team get set for qualifying tournaments it’s going to look a hell of a lot different. What you saw in these Olympics was the team get old overnight. The entire tournament they had rings run around them by all the other teams. The United States couldn’t get any separation from the other teams. The other teams were younger, faster to the ball, and they outplayed us. We didn’t play a good tournament at all. It’s a shame. The last ten years have been this group of women. It’s been Alex Morgan, it’s been Rapinoe, Tobin Heath, Carli Lloyd, and all these great players that we feel like we know because we saw them all the time for a decade. But now that’s over because Rapinoe is 35, Carli Lloyd is going to be 40, and you got Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath, and Christen Press all 32-33 years old. We’re going to need all new scorers and all-new strikers, and then you saw the defense get slow and get old overnight. You’re going to see a big turnover on this team because they absolutely have to have it. The next time you see the United States women play when it really matters you’re going to see a lot of new names come in. If I’m looking at the next four years and the immediate future, the United States men’s team is in great shape and they’re going to be big-time favorites to win a lot, and the women’s team is going to be transitioning.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he believes the United States Men’s National Team actually has a brighter future than the much more decorated US Women’s National Team, as Jason thinks you’re about to witness the golden era of the men’s team and the leveling of the old guard that has made the US women such a dominating force the last decade.

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