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WATCH: Dodgers Ball Girl Levels Fan Who Ran on the Field

The Los Angeles Dodgers' right-field ball girl went viral after landing a big hit on a fan who ran onto the Dodger Stadium field on Sunday.

Multiple videos of the incident were shared on Twitter praising the girl for tackling the man over the stadium wall after he managed to evade numerous field security members during the Dodgers' game against the crosstown rival Los Angeles Angels.

The Athletic's Fabian Ardaya initially tweeted about the incident as it happened before sharing a video sent from a spectator.

"Holy crap, the ball girl just leveled a fan running onto the field and sent them over the wall," Ardaya posted. "None of the security could catch up to him, but the ball girl laid him out."

Several other Twitter users shared various angles of the hit, which shows the fan tumble headfirst over the barricade after being tackled by the ball girl, which were yielded by a search of "ball girl" on Twitter, Sporting News reports.