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NBA Passes New COVID-19 Vaccinate Requirements

The NBA has updated its policy on coronavirus vaccines. Under the new rules, all personnel who have close contact with players or referees during games must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

In a memo sent to all teams, the league said that the mandate applies to coaches, trainers, and front-office members. The Athletic's Shams Charania reported that the mandate will also apply to team and arena security and members of the media.

"The following NBA personnel must be fully vaccinated in order to conduct in-person interactions with players and refs: Coaching staff, medical/performance staff, equipment, front office, player development, team/arena security, PR, social media, scorer's table, attendants," he tweeted.

Team personnel will have until October 1 to get fully vaccinated. Game-day personnel will have until the team's first home game to complete a full course of the coronavirus vaccine.

The league will allow for religious and medical exemptions and said that the new mandate does not apply to certain union members.

Currently, the league does not require players to get vaccinated. If the league wishes to implement a vaccine mandate for the players, that must be done through the collective bargaining process.

Players who are not vaccinated will have to undergo routine testing and will be subject to other restrictions.

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