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Colin Cowherd Says We Need to Stop Overhyping This Pro Bowl NFL Quarterback

Colin Cowherd: “Here’s what Vegas thinks about Matt Stafford. Last year Matt Stafford won five games in Detroit and then he leaves to go to LA and that ‘TERRIBLE’ Jared Goff goes to Detroit. Do you know what Vegas has for the Lions over/under this morning? FIVE. Not a half-game better with Jared Goff over Matt Stafford. ‘wElL, wHaT aBoUt tHe rAmS?!’ The Rams won 10 games last year with ‘TERRIBLE’ Jared Goff – ‘tHaNk gOoDnEsS hE’s oUt oF hErE!’ Stafford is in and the Vegas over/under for the Rams is 10 and a half…Umm, Vegas does not buy Matt Stafford as a messiah or a savior. If you look at Matt Stafford’s career and his 12 years in Detroit he had a couple injuries and averaged 7 wins and that’s about it. He only averaged 1-2 Pro Bowlers during those years so let me give you a ‘comp.’ Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck had the wrong coach, the wrong GM, and a terrible o-line. But Andrew Luck, unlike Stafford, was not lost or hurt his first year or two in the league. He was 11-5, then 11-5, then 11-5, and then actually got to the AFC Championship – don’t ask me how, they had no players. So let’s take Stafford out of the ‘transformative’ category. I hear a lot of people in Los Angeles saying ‘mAtT sTaFfOrD iS gOnNa cHaNgE tHe wOrLd!’ NO, he’s NOT. What Matt Stafford couldn’t consistently do is overcome dysfunction in Detroit. I am not saying it’s easy, Detroit is poorly run, but I saw Carson Palmer do it for seven years in Cincinnati with multiple playoffs. I saw Kurt Warner do it in Arizona, I saw Andrew Luck do it, and I saw Deshaun Watson do it in Houston… I like Matthew Stafford, but I watch the media and who they fall in love with and who they embrace, and I find it fascinating how they’ve dumped on Goff and elevated Stafford, and you know who hasn’t? VEGAS. And I always trust Vegas.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the media needs to stop this love affair with Matthew Stafford’s arrival in Los Angeles, as Colin doesn’t believe Stafford is this messiah or savior that the NFL media is portraying him as in the wake of the maligned Jared Goff.

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