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Colin Cowherd Thinks this Player is the NFL's Most Underrated Quarterback

Colin Cowherd: “Pro Football Focus did their ‘All-Underrated’ team and Baker Mayfield was the quarterback. He has 12 national TV commercials, ‘underrated’?? I’m going to go to the Merriam-Webster dictionary and look up the word. The exact definition of underrated is ‘rated and valued too low’ and the synonyms are ‘unappreciated, unnoticed, unrecognized, uncredited.’ That’s Baker Mayfield. I’m going to put up Derek Carr’s numbers the last three years.. Derek Carr has a coach we're not sure can coach, a GM we’re not sure can GM, he had to move franchises, and does not have a number one receiver. Since 2018 he has a 68.9 completion percentage, 67-27 touchdown/interception ratio, and a 98.6 passer rating. Now let’s look at ‘underrated’ Baker Mayfield’s numbers last year with the best offensive line, and a very smart and talented young coach and GM. His completion percentage is significantly lower than Carr's [62.8%], TD/interception ratio is fine [26/8], and a passer rating lower [95.9]. Baker’s numbers are fine but that’s with the Coach of the Year, the best offensive line, Jarvis Landry is a clear number one, and he has excellent running backs… Derek Carr is not only more underrated, Derek Carr is the most underrated player in the league.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Derek Carr is the most underrated player in the NFL.

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