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The Five NFL Quarterbacks Under the Most Pressure to Perform this Season

Watch Chris Broussard count down his list of the top five NFL quarterbacks under the most pressure to perform this season.

5. Lamar Jackson

“I might have never seen a player accomplish so much so soon be doubted – and that goes from organizations, media, to players. Last year he was the number one ranked player in the league by the players, and this year he’s 23rd. We saw three receivers – Kenny Golladay, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and TY Hilton turn down the Ravens in free agency. People have their doubts about Lamar Jackson and they think he’s going to fall off. Last year he didn’t throw the football well, his yards were down, touchdowns were down, and interceptions were up. He still has not signed his big contract extension looking for $40-$45 million a year. If he doesn’t show this year – and I’m not talking about reaching the Super Bowl – if he doesn’t show he can throw the ball consistently and be more of a passing quarterback than a running quarterback, that’s what people want to see, so the pressure is on Lamar Jackson.”

4. Carson Wentz

“This is a guy that a few years ago people thought was going to be a superstar and he was in route to winning the MVP award. Now, of course, he’s only an afterthought. He’s back with Frank Reich in Indianapolis, the guy who took him to those great heights in 2017, and this team is built to win now. Great offensive line, good running game, and a good defense. They are expected to make the playoffs, and if Carson can’t get them there – he’ll still be in the league – but this could be his last shot at really resurrecting his career. He’s also gotta stay healthy. He’s essentially been hurt every year since high school, that’s not an exaggeration, so he’s gotta stay healthy too.”

For the rest of the countdown 3 through 1, check out the FULL video above.

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