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Colin Cowherd Calls Out 'High Maintenance and Insecure' Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers: “It’s absolute horsesh*t to give a platform to people who have no idea what they’re talking about as far as my mental state, my focus, my work habits…people who have not been around me, who are not in my life, I don’t have communication with, who are not in the locker room, I mean that’s just chickensh*t. It’s so ridiculous that people get a platform to do this.”

Colin Cowherd: “We live in a country where senators, mayors, and governors control our lives and are totally unqualified. THAT’S a concern. It’s not a real global concern that somebody was given a sportswriters job who probably isn’t that great. You say it’s ‘OUTRAGEOUS’ that this person has a voice. NO, it’s outrageous when you’ve got people in command of our lives – it could be in the White House, it could be a governor, it could be a senator, THAT’S what scares me. The idea that it’s so 'outrageous' that somebody has a blue checkmark in the media; who gives a rip?? He said Jermichael Finley has no right to an opinion, that’s who he's talking about. He was a TEAMMATE and he was a high-end player in the league. He’s talking about Nate Burleson, Bill Cowher, and Jermichael Finley who have ALL earned the right on their platforms to have an opinion. Aaron shouldn’t be worried about any of us, we’re media people. HE’S talking about his ‘mentals’, we’re not. Do I think he comes across as an insecure and high-maintenance – psychology 101 – ‘projecting’? Yeah, I’ve been to enough therapists in my life. Some of his stuff is just like GET OVER IT!” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd and Joy Taylor discuss Aaron Rodgers’ feisty recent appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, where Rodgers called out media members for some of their takes this past month regarding Rodgers’ seemingly unraveling mental state.

Check out the segment above as Colin and Joy wonder why Rodgers has such vitriol with a national media who is simply reacting to Rodgers’ erratic behavior in what could be his final season in Green Bay.

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