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Adam Cole Detailed NXT's Interest in Signing Girlfriend Britt Baker

Adam Cole revealed his former employer had serious interest in signing his girlfriend, All Elite Wrestling Women's Champion Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D., prior to his own decision to join AEW over re-signing with WWE last month.

During an appearance on the Oral Sessions podcast hosted by former WWE commenter Renee Paquette, the wife of former AEW Champion Jon Moxley, Cole revealed that WWE's NXT officials were interested in signing Baker amid her emergence as AEW's top female star.

"I know for sure that NXT was interested in saying, 'Hey, if Britt is available please let us know,' and I know AEW was interested in me as well," Cole said. "It was an interesting back and forth of 'it'd be cool if you came here' or 'it'd be cool if I came there,' but we were both under contract. Not much we could do, but we did fantasize about those things."

Cole also detailed how the couple competed "against each other" when AEW's Dynamite went directly against NXT on Wednesday nights before the latter moved to a Tuesday night slot.

"It's the best, the absolute best," Cole said. "We always found time for each other and made sure to obviously spend as much time together as we can. Every time after a show, she would call me. It would normally be very late because by the time AEW is done, it's late. I would call her. She has been so busy lately, and I was pretty busy as well. There would be many weeks where I would see her for like half a day, once a week. Now, the coolest thing to me is to be able to be backstage and to have her go, 'This is a promo I'm going to do' or 'This is a match I'm doing to do. Can I run it by you?' Then we talk about it and then she goes out and does it. My favorite part is sitting in the back and watching it with everyone. When she does really well and everyone is reacting to it backstage and all excited. I get to be right there to give her a big hug or tell her how great she did. You don't realize how important it is to be in the same company with your partner until you get the chance to do it. Now the idea of going back to the other way makes me very sad."

Cole made his initial AEW debut at theAll Out pay-per-view in August, interrupting a post-match promo by AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and 'The Elite,' seemingly to get revenge on the group from being 'killed off' their YouTube series Being the Elite-- prior to joining NXT in 2017 -- but instead rejoined the group.

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