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Why We've Seen the Last of Tua Tagovailoa in Miami

Jason Smith: “Tua Tagovailoa is not going to play Sunday for the Miami Dolphins. It’s not because he’s hurt, it’s a culmination of everything with him, and all that’s left for him is how it ENDS in Miami. We’ve gone through great lengths to document how there is division within the Dolphins that Tua is not their guy. Everything they’ve done during the offseason is to show that while they ‘kind of’ believe in Tua, they’re really ready to move on. The flirtation with Deshaun Watson or the lack of public avowement that Tua is ‘our guy’, you can tell that they are not behind him. The fact that he got benched so many times for Ryan Fitzpatrick and the fact the team responded so much more to Ryan Fitzpatrick. You drafted the guy to be your franchise quarterback and you’re not going to let him play through mistakes? From the beginning this was WEIRD and this is not how any team before has treated a potentially franchise-changing quarterback that you took high in the first round. Even Josh Rosen was given the chance to win the Cardinals over in his first year. It was awkward from the beginning with Tua but now it’s past its salvation point. He won Week 1 but all everyone wanted to talk about was his bad interception. It’s like part of the Dolphins are working against him being good, it’s like they want him to stink so they can make it plausible that they want to move on from him so fast. It’s like they want him to fail so they can justify moving on. Watch when the team responds to Jacoby Brissett and not to Tua. I can see them making a big move trade-wise for a quarterback if they stay in it. Maybe Drew Lock will shake free for the rest of this year if they start winning some games. I can see them sitting Tua out for a while if Brissett plays well. This is why all that’s left for Tua is the fall.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa may have just been Wally Pipp'd by backup Jacoby Brissett, as Jason believes the recently ruled out second-year quarterback may never get his job back.

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