Colin Cowherd Unveils His Blazing Five Bonus Pick For Rams at Seahawks Game

Watch Colin Cowherd give the opening bonus pick of his Week 5 ‘Blazing Five’, as Colin previews the Thursday Night Football matchup with the 2.5-point favorite Rams heading to Seattle to take on the Seahawks.

“I’m going to take the Rams to win this game and cover the spread. The Rams under Sean McVay are great after a loss, 15-5. McVay has been great against Seattle, 6 wins in 9 games. They have the fewest penalty yards in the league, it’s a very disciplined team and that matters when you go on the road. They have the second-highest third down percentage in the NFL; that translates thirds to firsts and kills the crowd noise. Couple that with Seattle’s problem – their defense is on pace to be the worst in the Super Bowl era. Seattle is not an efficient team, they have the worst time of possession in the NFL. Seattle has the fewest offensive plays in the league. They have 14 three-and-outs, second only to the Jags. You have a sputtering offense that can fool people because of the exceptional big plays by Russell Wilson. They don’t do a lot well past Russell Wilson. Seattle doesn’t get you out on third down and the Rams are great on third down. I think the Rams control the clock, quiet the crowd, take a lead, and win 34-27. This is a very good matchup for the Rams off a loss and McVay is great off losses. Matt Stafford didn’t play particularly well last week and I don’t think he will struggle in back-to-back weeks."

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