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Xavier Woods Made 'Little to Nothing' From 'UpUpDownDown' Channel: Report

WWE superstar King Xavier Woods is reportedly making "little to nothing" from his popular YouTube gaming channel UpUpDownDown, as well as his hosting duties for the gaming television networkG4, according to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select.

According to Sapp, Woods' UpUpDownDown contributions are applied to his downside guarantee with WWE, as are hisG4duties, although initially believed to be separate when he was announced for the gig in November 2020.

Additionally, other WWE superstars who have contributed to UpUpDownDown have had their channel earnings applied to their downside guarantees with the company.

Woods recently opted to hold out from creating new content on the popular YouTube channel until a new deal for the channel is reached.

Fightful reported many involved with the channel believed Woods not only had a separate UpUpDownDown deal in place but was also profiting from the channel, which has 2.27 million subscribers.

However, sources close to the situation told Fightful that Woods "has not seen an extra dime" from the channel.

Fightful reports content creators have stopped producing content for the channel in an act of solidarity for the popular wrestler amid his holdout.

Woods is currently involved in a feud with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns on SmackDown amid the YouTube holdout and is reported to still be on good terms with WWE creative.

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