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Why Dak Prescott is Holding the Cowboys Back From Winning Super Bowls

Colin Cowherd: “Some things never change in the NFL: ‘A’ coaches and ‘A’ quarterbacks win Super Bowls, there are very few exceptions, and Dallas has a ‘B’ coach and a ‘B+’ quarterback. You guys keep calling this a ‘Dak Slump’, but this is what he is. Dallas has once again feasted on a bad division, 5-0 against the NFC East, and they’re average, 6-5 against everybody else. Dallas has feasted on very average quarterbacks. They beat Taylor Heinicke twice, they beat a very young Mac Jones in Week 6 and had to go to overtime, they beat Mike Glennon, they beat Taysom Hill, Jalen Hurts just coming out of the shoot for Philadelphia…6-5 against everybody else. The NFL is a salary cap sport, what’s always my rule? Pay big money rarely. Guarantee it, don’t let it ding your cap. Everybody in the media: ‘dAk dEsErVeS tHe bIg bAg!’ That’s funny, the media is great as paying people when they don’t have the bank. The media wants to pay everybody and now you’re stuck with Dak, who is a 'B' to ‘B+’ quarterback, a great kid, better intangibles than tangibles, $40 million a year. Did you watch that game? Dak was 3/11 on third down with excellent weapons. Kyler Murray was missing DeAndre Hopkins, Rondale Moore, and James Connor on the road and he was magical on third down… Don’t confuse ‘great story’ with ‘great team’ or ‘great intangibles’ with ‘great quarterback.’ Dak is ‘pretty good’ and I picked the Cowboys to make the playoffs and be ‘pretty good.’ When Dak doesn’t get 100 yards rushing he doesn’t win games and he doesn’t beat good teams. ‘Well, he beat Justin Herbert!’ Yeah, no touchdowns, one interception. You wanted to give the bag to Dak, and he’s got it, but boy does he need a running game and boy does he need a left tackle.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he believes the Dallas Cowboys will always just be a ‘pretty good’ team with no real Super Bowl expectations as long as Dak Prescott is their quarterback.

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