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Colin Cowherd Backs Up Mary Kay Cabot's 'Clickbait' Baker Mayfield Report

Colin Cowherd: “Mary Kay Cabot is very trustable, and had a story today which said it’s rough between Kevin Stefanski and Baker Mayfield. Well, I’ve got a source that I trust that knows this group of people running the franchise, and I was told late in the year ‘it’s pretty rocky.’ I said when Baker was coming out that he’s a franchise quarterback but I would take him off the board because he’s too toxic. He’s not quarterback-ial, he’s not my cup of tea, but he is a franchise quarterback, and I still think he is when healthy, he’s just not a great one… I trust Mary Kay because I’ve had her on shows and podcasts multiple times – she’s been doing this for a long time and breaking a lot of stories for a long time. She doesn’t make stuff up. I imagine there’s a lot of Browns fans who think this [Mayfield’s tweet to Cabot] is the greatest thing in the world. Andrew Berry doesn’t like it and Kevin Stefanski doesn’t like it. It doesn’t matter matter what Bruno in the upper deck drinking a Bud Light thinks. The GM doesn’t like it, the owner doesn’t like it, the coach doesn’t like it, and that’s all that matters. This is not going to play well in the front office. They don’t want him antagonizing people and they’re not happy with it. The dudes upstairs are over him. I was told by a source that I trust who is very connected that Baker now does realize he’s lost some people in the room and he’s aware of this thing not going great. If I was Baker, I wouldn’t do this stuff because in the end, if you want a second chance to be a franchise quarterback, there’s going to be a GM who goes ‘ehhh, do you really want to deal with all this nonsense all the time?’” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd defend Browns reporter Mary Kay Cabot after she found herself in the crosshairs of Baker Mayfield on Twitter Thursday, after she wrote an article detailing the putrefying relationship between Mayfield and Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski, and the chances that Mayfield won't be back as a Brown next season.

Baker publicly reprimanded Cabot for the unfavorable report, re-quoting a tweet Cabot made sharing a link for the article and calling the entire report ‘clickbait’, saying Cabot was trying to create unfounded drama out of nothing just to ‘put food on your table’, and added ‘I’m not your puppet.’

Check out the segment above as Colin backs up Cabot’s report, saying his sources close to the situation had similar intel to Cabot.

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