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Mitch Trubisky Did Absolutely Nothing to Deserve Contract With Steelers

Photo: Timothy T Ludwig

Jason Smith: “This shows you that sometimes you can do nothing and have your stock rise, because Mitchell Trubisky did absolutely nothing the last two years besides backup in Buffalo and hit the field a little bit. He’s done NOTHING. He did nothing but be a backup on a good team. The fact people think he’s so good after he’s done nothing for two years – not the fact that with the Bears he might have been a little bit underappreciated and that he won a little bit, but the fact that he’s done nothing for two years, and now suddenly there were teams that wanted to go get Mitchell Trubisky. He’s done nothing for two years and now suddenly people think he’s good?? I want to have that type of evaluation. I want to stop and do nothing for two years and at the end of two years people go ‘boy, we gotta go get Jason Smith back! He’s done nothing but boy he was good at doing nothing! Now we need to go back and pay him all sorts of money!’ I want to be on the Mitchell Trubisky train.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Fox Sports Radio's Jason Smith explain how he has no idea why the demand for Mitch Trubisky suddenly began to boil during this offseason, as Jason wonders why a guy who was benched in Chicago during his final season with the Bears and then was a permanent backup in Buffalo to Josh Allen had any positive momentum building in the offseason.

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