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WWE Released 10 Wrestlers From NXT Brand

Photo: Michael N. Todaro

WWE has reportedly released 10 wrestlers from its NXT brand.'s Sean Ross Sapp initially announced the releases of former NXT women's tag-team champion Dakota Kai and Diamond Mine leader Malcolm Bivens, before separate tweets regarding the releases of seven others.

The full list of NXT competitors released on Friday (April 29) includes the following:

  • Dakota Kai
  • Malcolm Bivens
  • Dexter Lumis (Sam Shaw)
  • Paige Prinzivalli (Blair Baldwin)
  • Harland (Parker Boudreaux)
  • Persia Pirotta (Stephanie De Landre)
  • Sanjana George (Vish Kanya)
  • Draco Anthony (Reginald Chase Crews)
  • Mila Malani (Kellie Morga)
  • Raelyn Divine (Jaylen Williams)

Last year, WWE released 85 total contracted wrestlers, which included on-screen talent from its RAWSmackDown, and/or NXT shows being released every month of 2021 excluding September.

Many of the WWE superstars released prior to the conclusion of their contract have been subjected to a 90-day no-compete clause.

Former NXT UK women's champion Toni Storm -- who was granted a requested release from the company -- and former WWE champion Jeff Hardy -- who the company claimed was released after being ordered and refusing to attend rehab, which he denied was true -- were among several notable names that have since signed with WWE's biggest American competitor, All Elite Wrestling, last month after their respective no-compete clauses.

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