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Colin Cowherd Says Denver Broncos Are the NFL's Second-Best Team

Colin Cowherd: “I kind of laugh at people in the media and fans who Russell Wilson is ‘washed’ and it’s like ‘NO, he’s not.’ People have no idea how quickly Denver is going to be great. Brady and Stafford had defensive coaches and they were getting frustrated… and then they moved to offensive coaches in Bruce Arians and Sean McVay and won Super Bowls. Let’s take Brady’s last year in New England -- you thought he was washed, and Stafford’s last year in Detroit – low ceiling, and compare it with Russell Wilson’s last year in Seattle [Look at the graphic in the video above]. Completion percentage – Russell has the best. Passer rating – Russell has the best. Touchdown-interception ratio – once again Russell has the best. You thought Brady was washed and Stafford’s best years were behind him. Those numbers for Russell Wilson are depressed because he was hurt last year so he was out several games, could not practice several games, and then came back probably 2-3 weeks too early. Russell Wilson over the next five years is in his prime, and like Stafford and like Brady he’s optimistic, has a high EQ, and works well with others… Do you understand Denver over the last 25-30 years with average quarterbacks is really hard to beat at home? So you know they’re going to start quick with Russell Wilson. We’ve seen back to back years how this works: star joining a team that is just missing acatalyst. It’s why I put Denver number two in my Herd Hierarchy. Buffalo is the best team in the league but Denver this morning is number two.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the previously unassuming Denver Broncos will be a Super Bowl favorite in 2022 with Russell Wilson at the helm, as Colin has the Broncos ranked behind the Bills as the second-best team in the NFL for his preseason Herd Hierarchy rankings. (Herd Hierarchy segment at the bottom of the page)

Check out the video above as Colin details why Russell will follow in the footsteps of Tom Brady and Matthew Stafford as greats in the outer edges of their primes who switched teams to join up with loaded rosters to hunt for championships.

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