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UFC Champion Failed to Make Weight, Stripped of Title Ahead of PPV Fight

Photo: Carmen Mandato

UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira was stripped of his title after failing to make weight for his main event title defense against Justin Gaethje at UFC 274.

Oliveira weighed in at 155.5 lbs during Friday's (May 6) weigh-in, a half-pound over the limit for a lightweight title bout, vacating the title, ESPN reports.

Saturday's (May 6) fight will still go as planned, but only Gaethje will be eligible to win the belt in what would've been Oliveira's second title defense prior to the ruling.

ESPN reports Oliveira -- who came to the scales with five minutes left in the initial weigh-in period -- appeared to look surprised when the commissioner said he was over the weight limit.

He was then allowed an additional hour to cut weight, but once again missed the mark upon returning.

Gaethje came in at 155 lbs during Friday's weigh-in.

The Denver-based fighter had previously challenged the now-retired Khabib Nurmagomedov as an interim champion for the undisputed lightweight championship in 2020 but was defeated in what turned out to be Nurmagomedov's final UFC fight.

Norma Dumont also missed weight on Friday by half a pound, which will levy a 30% fine of her purse in her fight against Macy Chiasson during the pay-per-view's undercard on Saturday night.

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