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Rob Parker: Don't Buy Into 'Fugazi' Phoenix Suns as Title Contenders

Photo: Ron Jenkins

Rob Parker: “They [the Suns] feel like last year they should have won the championship. They were up 2-0 against Milwaukee and then lost four in a row and now they say they’re on a ‘revenge tour’, that they’re going to make it right, that they got robbed a year ago, and they’re going to rightfully get what was there’s… And you know what I say? IT WAS FUGAZI LAST YEAR. They had an easy road and everybody was hurt last year when they made that trek through the Western Conference. Anthony Davis was hurt for the Lakers, Jamal Murray was hurt for Denver, and Kawhi Leonard was hurt for the Clippers. This is ridiculous, what ‘revenge tour’? They were up 2-0 and choked to Milwaukee and never won another game. They got breaks last year and nobody wanted to believe that it was fugazi. If the Clippers had Kawhi Leonard the Suns may not have even gotten to the Finals. Remember, the Lakers were up 2-1 in that series when Anthony Davis went down and that was over, and Jamal Murray was a big part of that Denver Nuggets team. They had an easy path, they went up 2-0 on the Bucks after two games at home, they said Chris Paul was a top 5 all-time point guard, that Devin Booker was the next Kobe Bryant, and then Giannis said ‘NO WAY, NO HOW!’ and turned into Superman. I don’t know what ‘revenge tour’ they’re talking about, I don’t even know they’re coming out of the West.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker call out Devin Booker and the Suns for proclaiming these NBA Playoffs as a ‘revenge tour’ after losing in the Finals last year to Milwaukee, as Rob says that the Suns' run in 2021 was ‘fugazi’ and only bred from injuries sustained to opposing superstars the likes of Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard, and Jamal Murray.

Check out the video above as Rob details why the Suns shouldn’t be considered the title favorites, despite Phoenix posting a league-best 64-18 record.

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