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'Point Fraud' Chris Paul is Officially Washed Up

Ben Maller: “Does Phoenix have a CP3 problem? What’s the level of panic? One to ten with one being ‘we’re screwed’, the Suns are at a nine. Chris Paul continues to be a passenger, he’s not a driver. He’s the conductor who is out of tune with the orchestra, and we are watching the aging process in front of our very eyes. This particular thoroughbred is on the fast track to the glue factory at this point. Another playoff game and another ‘cover your eyes’ performance for Chris Paul – 13, points, 2 rebounds, 4 assists, 5 turnovers, and 5 fouls. Chris Paul is a tomato can and it’s not just a one-off. The last four playoff games Chris Paul has 18 assists and 18 turnovers. ‘Point Gawd’? Point FRAUD. Chris Paul has suddenly turned 37 years old, and he’s playing like you would expect a 37-year-old NBA ball player to play. Chris Paul looks WASHED UP, and Devin Booker and DeAndre Ayton have to be pitch perfect in Game 7.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Ben Maller of Fox Sports Radio explain why he thinks Chris Paul is at the crossroads of his career heading into a Game 7 on Sunday night vs. the Mavericks, in a game that could be CP3's final chance to pursue his first NBA championship.

Check out the segment above as Maller details why Paul already looks like he’s in the beginning stages of being washed up, going from ‘point gawd’ to ‘point fraud' over the course of one postseason.

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