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Why Kevin Durant Ghosting the Nets is a Good Thing For Both Parties

Colin Cowherd: “Do you ever see a story that is ‘bad’ news but it’s actually ‘good’ news? A reporter for the New York Daily News said KD and the Brooklyn Nets have not talked since the end of the season. ‘THAT IS BAD NEWS! HE IS OUT OF THERE!’…. I think the opposite. I think it’s great news for Brooklyn. What the organization is doing, and they’ve got some really smart people there, this is a really shrewd – they’re protecting Kevin Durant. Because now when they come out and make moves with Kyrie, Kevin can say ‘bruh, they haven’t talked to me...what are you talking about?’ Kevin Durant now has total deniability in this situation. KD is going to be like ‘Kyrie, I have no idea what these guys are doing, I haven’t even talked to them!’ This is Brooklyn wanting to protect KD so he has deniability [when they get rid of Kyrie]. The bottom line for Brooklyn: protect KD, insulate, KD, keep KD, make KD happy. You have to sometimes protect your star from bad actors around him. This news that KD hasn’t talked to the Nets is actually smart, shrewd, and great news because I think this franchise has to eventually move off Kyrie Irving just like they moved off James Harden. Sometimes you don’t want everybody to know that you know everything, sometimes saying ‘I don’t know?’ or ‘NO’ is a really good place to be.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss the recent reports of the Brooklyn Nets apparently having not talked to Kevin Durant since their first-round exit earlier this month to the Celtics, as Colin believes this is actually a really good thing for both parties.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks this is an important step to ‘protect’ KD when the time comes for the franchise to finally rid themselves of malcontent Kyrie Irving.

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