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Colin Cowherd Has Finally Found the Perfect Team For Baker Mayfield

Colin Cowherd: “I finally found a place for Baker Mayfield where he could be really successful… Baker Mayfield and his agent should really try to get to New Orleans. #1 – they’ve already smartly moved Taysom Hill out of the quarterback room. #2 – nobody is really all-in on Jameis. He’s always been ‘Jameis’, and let’s be honest, he went 7-9, then they bring in Brady and win the Super Bowl. That was not a great day in his career. There’s always been a lot of doubters with Jameis and now there are reports that he’s limping around in OTAs. #3 – the Saints are actually an effective quarterback away from making the playoffs. It’s a bad division and they have a REAL defense. They want to win NOW. We know what Carolina and Atlanta are doing, the Saints are not in a rebuild. Maybe they would be in a rebuild in the AFC West or the NFC West, but in that division that’s not a rebuild… It feels like this is the last year for Tom Brady and there were stories that he was going to go to the Dolphins and be a co-owner, like he’s done. This off-season for Brady seems to be all about branding and less about football. Tom is moving on, so that means if you acquire Baker Mayfield with that defense and you’re in a weak division with two other teams rebuilding, in one year Baker is the best quarterback. The Chargers once bailed on Drew Brees but then he found the culture that bought into him. Mayfield’s numbers with the Browns are nearly identical to Brees’ numbers with the Chargers [shows chart on the screen with statistics]. You didn’t know Drew Brees was good either until he was surrounded by a really good o-line and a great defense. I don’t think Baker is as committed, focused, or as accurate as Brees, but Baker can play. Baker to the Saints makes a TON of sense. His career could be reborn, it’s a reboot, it’s a good organization, it’s a weak division, it makes sense to me.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the New Orleans Saints would make the best landing spot for embattled quarterback Baker Mayfield, with Mayfield playing second-fiddle to Deshaun Watson in Cleveland barring a substantial suspension from the NFL.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks Mayfield could become the next San Diego Chargers Drew Brees, who resurrects his career on another franchise.

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