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Colin Cowherd Says Jayson Tatum is Not a Superstar: 'He Shrinks'

Colin Cowherd: “Jayson Tatum proves that there’s a big gap between stars and superstars. ‘Stars’ in the NBA are All-Stars, usually the best and most talented player on the team, and going to average more than 20 per game…the NBA has 20 of those guys at any one time. The NBA has always had stars, but ‘superstar’ is different. ‘Superstar’ is iconic and even non-sports fans know who they are. They’re ‘culture’ setters. Jayson Tatum is not a culture-setter for the Celtics. Marcus Smart you can argue is the culture-setter. Superstars have their own brand and what you figure out about superstars, no matter how good the defense is they get theirs.  There is only one superstar in this series and it’s Steph Curry. We’ve seen Luka, a ‘star’, and Tatum, a ‘star’, discombobulated to a large degree by the Warriors defense, which is not the best in the league. Tatum has yet to have a great game in this series. The Celtics defense is viewed as the best in a decade and Steph is eating it alive. That’s what Jordan did against Utah. The defense was harder but he still got his. I think Boston will play a great basketball game tonight but they will shrink potentially because that’s what they do and that’s kind of what their leader has done. If you watch the Warriors they play loose and confident even though many of their best players are past their prime. That’s the influence of Steph. Even though all the Celtics best players are in their prime they get tight, and have doubt…that’s because Jayson Tatum has verbalized that on more than one occasion. I love Tatum and think he’s a great player but Boston was one of the bottom three ‘clutch’ teams in the NBA and that speaks to Jayson Tatum. He shrinks, he verbalizes it, and he has doubt, and when you send it out there opposing players see it and they’re going to work hard to pull that doubt out of you. Steph never gives you any inkling that he lacks confidence. Tatum is starting to feel like Andrew Wiggins – really, really talented but you can’t depend on him. Tatum is going to be a star for the next ten years but I highly doubt he’s a superstar.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think Jayson Tatum will ever be considered a ‘superstar’ as Colin acknowledges that Tatum is certainly a ‘star’ but a guy who will always be known for ‘shrinking’ on the biggest stages.

Check out the video above as Colin makes his pick for Monday night’s Game 5 in San Francisco.

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