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Colin Cowherd Says Steph Curry is On This Mount Rushmore

Colin Cowherd: “We talk about the Mt. Rushmore of ‘____’ all the time. You can talk about it in tech, you can talk about it in finance, you talk about it in politics…the four greatest. In the NBA I don’t think there is a big argument by reasonable people of what the Mt. Rushmore is. Michael is on it, Magic is on it, LeBron is on it, and Kareem. But what if there was a mountain range just down the road? Mt. ‘Herdmore’, or the NBA’s ]Rush – a little less – More'. I’d make the argument that if Steph wins these Finals he’s on it. It would be Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Kobe, and I think Steph would make it. Leadership, culture setter, confidence, win before KD, win with KD, win after KD...I don’t get the critics of Steph Curry. For years Brady was crushing it in New England and there was this divide – ‘is it more Belichick or Brady?’ and that was a fun debate. Then you started hearing people even say ‘Tom is a system QB’. If you talk about the four people who made Mt. Rushmore, Michael Jordan had massive influence before the game with style – he made the game global. LeBron had massive influence in mobility. Magic literally made it cool to pass. Kareem created the greatest single shot. Beyond being great there has to be an impact and an influence in your game. Look at Steph, the greatest shooter ever. He literally changed AAU, high school, college, and pro basketball, Michael didn’t even do that. His impact, the ability to play with stars, alongside stars, and behind stars. If there is a Mt, ‘Rush-a Little-Less’ I would put Steph there now. The critics of Steph I’ll just never get.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd dissect Steph Curry’s place in NBA history, as Colin believes a Warriors championship over the Celtics, one that would obviously not include Kevin Durant, would cement Steph on this Mt. Rushmore.

Check out the video above as Colin details how these NBA Finals could drastically change the course of Steph’s legacy.

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