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Colin Cowherd Explains Why the Celtics Can't Take Control of the Warriors

Colin Cowherd: “The Celtics were overwhelmed early in the first quarter, they collapsed late in the fourth quarter, and were awful from the free-throw line. All three of those are ‘pressurized’ situations. Starting on the road, finishing on the road, standing by yourself on the free-throw line…The Celtics were bad in all of them. It’s almost like these young guys have never been in a Finals before… Meanwhile, the Warriors were fantastic early setting the tone, were on fire late closing it out, and were tremendous at the free-throw line, almost like they’ve been in the Finals 6 of 8 years. Here was a big moment in the game when Boston had that brief 6-7 minute run in the 3rd when they could not miss on threes. Golden State didn’t collapse, they kept shooting threes and were playing aggressively, they just couldn’t get shots to fall. They didn’t sink into a hole, the minute the fourth quarter started, BOOM, they’re back on top and it’s smooth sailing. In the lowest points of this game Boston lost confidence. To start the game the Celtics were so tight and their body language was so bad and clunky, and the Warriors were loose, fluid, fast, and running, and it was like ‘yep, younger teams can shrink in these moments.’ The Warriors have kids too but they’re all on the bench. The only young guy who is playing for them is Jordan Poole and he doesn’t have a key role. And it doesn’t end with the roster. Ime Udoka has done a great job but Steve Kerr has played in five Finals and has coached in six. This is starting to feel like those Belichick-Patriots playoff games. They had just been in so many of those situations and they just knew at the perfect time all the right levers to pull. Boston has more two-way players but Golden State has more guys who can end up with 18 points and more offensive weapons. There are matchups that play to the Celtics, and they do have a deeper reservoir of two-way guys that can defend and score, but this is the NBA and it’s a 75-25, 70-30 offense over defense league. Between the Warriors coaching, experience, and more offensive roster, as the NBA has pivoted to a more offensive league I feel like the Celtics are a little too overwhelmed the last two games. They just don’t have enough ammo. I’m watching the body language and the Celtics are just more uncomfortable MORE OFTEN in this series.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd break down why he thinks the Boston Celtics haven’t been able to put a stranglehold on the Warriors yet this series, as Games 4 and 5 saw Boston completely lose control of a series that they seemed destined to capture after taking a 2-1 lead.

Check out the video above as Colin details why the end is near for this Boston team.

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