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Video Shows USFL Player Spitting Out Pieces of His Tooth After Massive Hit

Pittsburgh Maulers wide receiver Isiah Hennie lost more than just the game during his team's USFL game against the Philadelphia Stars on Sunday (June 13).

Hennie caught a pass and took a massive hit from Stars defensive back Cody Brown that appeared to be in the jaw area before falling hard to the ground.

The receiver then took off his helmet and appeared to spit out what was believed to be multiple teeth.

Hennie was mic'd up during the live USFL broadcast on Sunday and said he lost his wisdom tooth which, at that point, had broken into pieces before he'd spit it out of his mouth.

"I lost one," Hennie said while speaking to a staffer and teammate on the sideline. "It's just a wisdom tooth, though. Right now, yeah, on the hit."

The staffer then asks Hennie if he's OK.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Hennie responds. "Yeah, it's all the way in the back. It was chipping already."

The staffer then asks Hennie if he'd picked up the tooth, which the receiver then confirms was "coming out in pieces."