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Three Reasons Why Kyler Murray is Not a Franchise Quarterback

Emmanuel Acho: “There are three primary reasons why I lack confidence in Kyler Murray’s ability to be a franchise quarterback. It’s not necessarily three reasons as much as it is three examples. How does Kyler Murray deal with adversity? You start 7-0 but what happened with Kyler Murray after that first tragic loss to the Packers? After starting 7-0 Kyler Murray finished 2-5. How does he handle adversity within the confinements of a season? Let’s go more microscopic: how does Kyler Murray handle adversity within the confines of a game? Los Angeles Rams, you beat them once in the regular season, they beat you once in the regular season, it’s time to meet in the playoffs, and this time it really counts… But this time they come out of the gates smacking you in the mouth and the next thing you know it’s 28-8, adversity, it’s game over. Being at that game I remember seeing no fight from the Cardinals and no fight from Kyler Murray their leader. How does Kyler Murray handle adversity within the confines of a season, how does he handle adversity microscopically within the confines of a game, but also, how does Kyler handle adversity within his own life? He wanted a contract this year – adversity, but what does Kyler do? Deletes all his pics with the Cardinals on social media. That’s not a proper way to handle conflict. You don’t go and block somebody that you need to communicate with. If Kyler is going to be a franchise quarterback, you gotta be able to weather the storm.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Emmanuel Acho explain three reasons why he doesn’t trust Kyler Murray being able to fulfill his duties of being a franchise quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals, fresh off his 5-year, $230.5 million extension.

Check out the segment above as Acho details why he has his doubts about Murray’s ability to handle adversity, which at quarterback, will entirely determine if his career is successful or not.

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