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Rob Parker Says LeBron's Lakers Stint Has Been a 'Disaster'

Rob Parker on LeBron being considered an ‘all-time great Laker’: “To me, [his time in LA] has been a disaster. You can say he won a championship, but if you really look at what happened, even last year LeBron averaged 30 points and they went 3 or 4 months without even winning back-to-back games in this weak NBA. They went out in the first round to the Suns as soon as Anthony Davis got hurt, and the first year they didn’t even make the playoffs, and they had the young players around LeBron and then LeBron decided to trade all of them. Other than the time they had the four months off for the pandemic and didn’t have to travel, that worked out, but there has been more disappointment, bad play, and the feeling like the Lakers are always broken during this LeBron era rather than joy in La La land. Hasn’t there been more heartache than glee since LeBron got to LA? If he plays for two more years and they don’t win, I would consider his tenure in LA a failure.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks LeBron James’ four years in Los Angeles have been a ‘disaster’, as the crew of The Odd Couple discusses a recent Twitter debate that tried to rank the greatest Lakers players ever, and whether LeBron should even be included.

Check out the segment above as Rob details why believes Lakers fans must admit that LeBron’s stay has been a failure.

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