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Colin Cowherd: Stop Making Excuses For Daniel Jones' Poor Play

Colin Cowherd: “You can keep making excuses, ‘WELL, THE OFFENSIVE LINE WASN’T GOOD!’ Josh Allen’s offensive line wasn’t very good. He made plays, he got into the end zone. ‘WELL, THE RECEIVERS WERE DROPPING BALLS! THE RECEIVING CREW ISN’T VERY GOOD!’ Lamar Jackson would be MVP today, he lost Hollywood Brown. Great quarterbacks make stuff happen. I’ve seen Daniel Jones, he’s 14-26. Go ahead and keep blaming the offensive line. Last year Lamar Jackson lost Ronnie Stanley, three running backs, and Baltimore was the number one seed before Lamar Jackson got hurt. Josh Allen STILL doesn’t have a dependable running game. Daniel Jones is one of those guys where if the protection is perfect, where nobody drops any passes, when it’s a clean pocket, when everything is lined up and every player is lined up, he’s…..OK. That’s not the NFL. Joe Burrow’s protections stunk all last year, he got sacked 51 teams… He got to the Super Bowl. Justin Herbert set rookie records his first year and it was the second-worst offensive line in the league. Yes, Brian Daboll is getting the most out of him, yes, receivers drop the ball, yes, outside of left tackle the offensive line is dubious, but look at what Lamar is facing week to week. Good God, Matthew Stafford right now – Andrew Whitworth retired, their very good center is gone, they didn’t re-sign OBJ, is Allen Robinson washed, Cam Akers keeps fumbling, and they win. Do you know in the last four years what quarterback has dealt with the most drops? Patrick Mahomes, Brady is second. I think Brian Daboll will get the most out of Daniel Jones but when everything goes perfect he’s just ‘OK’. I don’t care about ‘making progress’, make plays, get into the end zone. ‘Making progress’, that’s a given, that’s like saying ‘I bought a house and the roof doesn’t leak!’ Look at Jalen Hurts. Nobody is talking about Jalen Hurts ‘making progress’, you know what we’re talking about? ‘DAMN, HE’S GOOD! DAMN, HE MAKES PLAYS!’ I’m not interested in your progress, I’m interested in making plays. He’s a ‘guy’. Nice guy, likeable guy, probably a backup guy.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Daniel Jones’ NFL future might just be as a backup quarterback, as Colin doubts whether the former first-round pick is talented enough to ever overcome the types of challenges all great players are eventually able to surmount.

Check out the video above as Colin says he’s tired of hearing all the excuses for the 14-26 Jones and says at some point you have to just make plays with your own physical talents.

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