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Colin Cowherd Hands Out Report Cards to NFL Teams Heading Into Week 4

Watch Colin Cowherd hand out his report cards to these NFL teams after three weeks.

Here are Colin’s grades as follows:


Miami Dolphins (3-0): A-
Buffalo Bills (2-1): A-
New England Patriots (1-2): D+
Kansas City Chiefs (2-1): A-
Denver Broncos (2-1): C+
Los Angeles Chargers (1-2): C+
Las Vegas Raiders (0-3): C-
Baltimore Ravens (2-1): A-
Cincinnati Bengals (1-2): B+
Jacksonville Jaguars (2-1): A+
Indianapolis Colts (1-1-1): B-


Philadelphia Eagles (3-0): A+
Dallas Cowboys (2-1): B
Washington Commanders: D
New York Giants (2-1): C+
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1): B+
Green Bay Packers (2-1): C
Minnesota Vikings (2-1): B
Chicago Bears (2-1): C-
Detroit Lions (1-2): B+
Los Angeles Rams (2-1): B
San Francisco 49ers (1-2): B+
Arizona Cardinals (1-2): D+
Seattle Seahawks (1-2): C

Check out the FULL segment above.

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