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Jason Whitlock: NFL Shouldn't Be Softened Just Because Tua's 'Bad Genetics'

Jason Whitlock: "Three days after doctors carted Tua Tagovailoa off the field, NFL teams benched at least a dozen players because of the concussion protocols. Yahoo Sports called it the ‘Tua Effect.’ The ‘Blue checkmarks’ called it PROGRESS. I call it what it is – stupidity. You don’t change football because Tua Tagovailoa is ‘Glass Joe.’ You guys remember Glass Joe from the Nintendo ‘Punch-out’ game? He was a 38-year-old French flyweight with a record of 1 win and 99 losses. He was the ultimate beta male and fashionista. He was the first opponent a gamer would face on his way to the title. I’m not calling Tua a ‘beta’, he’s not, Tua has a heart for the game of football, he’s just not built for it. He’s small and brittle. He can’t take a punch. Tua Tagovailoa needs to retire. Football doesn’t need to be further softened because Tua’s genetics make him a bad fit for the NFL… The media botched the reaction to Tua’s injury. We spent the weekend blaming the Dolphins and the NFL for Tua’s genetic shortcomings. There is no proof that what happened to Tua on Thursday was connected to what happened to him four days earlier, NONE. That’s pure speculation. What we know is Tua gets hurt a lot playing football. We know he’s not an ideal size for his position and he doesn’t appear particularly strong." (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ call out the media for their disingenuous ‘outraged’ response to Tua Tagovailoa’s head injury on Thursday Night Football last week, as Whitlock says the sport of football shouldn’t be under attack just because a diminutive player with a lengthy injury history was flattened again by a big hit.

Check out the segment above, as well as the FULL segments below, as Whitlock details why he thinks this is a coordinated attack from pearl clutchers on social media who simply want to attack the sport of football because of their disdain for ‘masculinity’, adding that even former NFL players are being baited into making phony responses to the hits Tua took.

Watch the video below as Whitlock calls out the hypocritical response ESPN's 'NFL Countdown' had for Tagovailoa's injury: