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Doug Gottlieb Says Eagles 'Aren't Close to Being the Best Team in the NFL'

Doug Gottlieb: “Second-half points per game the Eagles are [31st] in the NFL [5.8 points]. Some of that has to do with gameplay— they get a big lead in the second quarter and they can be super conservative, but some of it is when it’s off-script it can be a little dicey for Philadelphia. I’m struggling to buy into a team that struggles so much to score in the second half. You’re talking about five points per game in the fourth quarter at HOME. Granted, they’ve won all these games and you’re playing with the lead and it allows your defense to pin their ears back and they can be conservative and not turn it over and that’s why they’re winning games as well, that’s fine. But even in the predictive rankings, if you go to they’re like the third best, and that’s only because they’re undefeated. They haven’t played one of the top teams in the NFL, they’ve played two teams in the top 10 and they’re 2-0 against them. The Cowboys were the best team they played, but they were playing without their quarterback. I don’t think the Eagles stink, I just don’t think the Eagles are close to being the best team in the NFL, and the second-half scoring issues are a problem and will be a bigger problem when those issues creep into the first half as the season goes on.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss why he’s not buying into the Eagles as the league’s best team despite their perfect 6-0 record, as Gottlieb isn’t very impressed by a soft Philadelphia schedule and an over-hyped victory over Cooper Rush.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb is concerned about the Eagles’ putrid second-half scoring this season, as Philly is averaging just 5.8 points per game in the second half, the second-worst in the NFL.

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