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Jason Whitlock Blasts Media 'Frauds' Calling Lovie Smith's Firing 'Racist'

Jason Whitlock: “You've listened to people all day tell you ‘Oh my God, the NFL is racist!', and ‘Oh my God, this is completely unfair to Lovie Smith!’, and ‘Oh my God, this is two years in a row the Houston Texans have done this to Black coaches!’, and ‘This is unfair, this is what Black coaches face!’… Man, there have been 29 head coaches in the NFL fired after one year. Lovie Smith and David Culley are not new. They don't represent anything new. It's a cutthroat business. There is no billionaire cutting 60-year-old coaches multi-million dollar checks who are going ‘OH MY GOD, THIS IS HORRIBLE! I FEEL SO TERRIBLE FOR THESE GUYS!’ I’m giving these guys multi-million dollar severance packages, I didn’t want to hire them in the first place. This culture we've created where you’ve got to hire a Black coach or you're ‘racist’ is why Lovie Smith and David Culley got the job instead of someone who's qualified, instead of a young coach who may have had a chance to do something. This whole D.I.E. [diversity, inclusion, equity] movement is emasculating us. It’s making all of us look unqualified, like we were all gifted things instead of earning things. It's all being led mostly by either dumb jocks or ex-jocks. When they actually were in the NFL, find me any of them that came out and said a word about ‘you better hire a black coach’. They all get out of the NFL, get out of the locker room, and then they all become experts on ‘you got to hire black coaches!’… When they were in the NFL and had the actual leverage to do something they never said a word. Phonies, fakes, frauds, cowards, ALL of them. Then you got people in the media that know nothing about football, know nothing about leading men, that are running their mouths, and talking about what they ‘think’ should happen in the NFL. They don't know if any of these guys are 'qualified', and they're stopping people from putting the work in, and the desperate pursuit of these opportunities that come from the kind of 'turning your life over upside down', and going to many lengths to becoming a head coach. We should be having that real honest conversation and forcing men to man up, but instead we're going to hear about how everybody's ‘racist.’ I was going to connect this to Damar Hamlin. There is a picture of all the medical staff on the field getting honored in Buffalo. There's 13 people that were on the field before that Buffalo game, they were all getting honored for saving Hamlin's life. Of the 13 people, nine of them were White men. Nobody is demanding on the medical staff of NFL teams for ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ because no one cares about the skin color of the doctors. When it comes to life and death matters all we care about is excellence, competence, and qualifications. When you go look around these medical staffs of all these professional sports, no one cares about diversity, equity, and inclusion. I'm not arguing that Black doctors and Black medical people aren't qualified, but no one cares, that's not a standard. ‘Oh the NFL is racist! They haven't hired enough Black medical staff!’… You'll never hear that from anybody. You think Damar Hamlin cares about the color of the people that saved his life? But when it comes to this head coaching deal everything is about race. These owners don't care what color their employees are, they just want them to get the job done. Look what the Cleveland Browns did for that idiot Deshaun Watson. If NFL ownership was ‘racist’, they wouldn't have handed Deshaun Watson $240 million guaranteed. No one would have handed him that if they were ‘racist.’ This man got 30 women claiming he sexually harassed but they gave him several guaranteed bags, and the dude can't even play right now. Certainly not this year, he was horrible the last five games of the season. These same people that are paying these quarterbacks— Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott; 40 million dollars a year, but oh yeah, they're ‘racist.’ ‘They don't want to give one of these black head coaches...’, get out of here, it's a stupid Twitter argument and narrative. It's the victim mentality that they don't want any part of when it comes to a leadership position and the head coaching position in the National Football League. If you think you're a victim – because 70% of the players in the NFL are Black – if you think they're victims then you're not built for leadership. You're not a leader, you're a victim promoting a victim mentality. Brian Flores, victim, with a victim mentality. I don't blame him for not wanting to be associated with it or him running their football team. Victims aren't leaders. Show me one of these ‘victims’ who's a great leader in sports? It's not the skin color it's the attitude that we've been sold and we've embraced. THAT’S what is undermining us as head coaches in the National Football League.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ rip media members who are implying racial undertones when discussing the firing of Lovie Smith and David Culley by the Houston Texans in consecutive seasons, as Whitlock says the league’s obsession to ‘satisfy race baiters’ was the only reason Smith and Culley were hiring by Houston to begin with.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why neither NFL owners or NFL players couldn’t care less what their head coach’s skin color is, saying that it’s the former players with an agenda who are arguing for more Black head coaches, not the current players who actually are in the locker room and in the meetings with first-hand accounts of who the real leaders of men are, and whose success is reliant upon which head coach they have.

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