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Why Patrick Mahomes Would Be an Average Quarterback Without Andy Reid

Coach Jason Brown: “I wouldn't worry about Kelce, I'd worry about when Andy Reid retires and how average Patrick Mahomes is going to look. When you call me in a couple years and say ‘you know what man, this guy's really gone downhill quickly!’ you’ll want to go back to this clip and make sure that I get an apology from every single swinging slap in Kansas City from when I said the reason of Mahomes' success is Andy Reid, NOT Patrick Mahomes. It ain't Kelce and it isn't Tyreek Hill. I argue that Andy Reid had the single greatest coaching moment of his career this season by making Patrick Mahomes a better guy from the pocket throwing it on time to slow receivers on the outside, and made him actually understand coverage and throw it on time. Before when you had Tyreek Hill all he ran was a go-route, he didn't run no curls, and digs, and all this other stuff, he ran go, go, go, then you got option- route with Kelce who is unguardable, and then you had another decent receiver. Let's make no mistake about it, your best, or second-best receiver is Valdes-Scantling— you know who he was? He was a guy that was on his way out of the league and Aaron Rodgers made him a commodity and a tradable asset. What did Mahomes do with him this year? Please let me know, he did NOTHING because Mahomes can't get his slow butt the ball on time like Aaron Rodgers because he doesn't know how to throw in the windows and make anticipatory throws, but we're calling him the ‘GOAT’?? Come on, man!"

Jason Whitlock: “Bye, JB, I’ve had enough. Cut him off, I’ve had enough [cuts Jason Brown’s feed].”

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ and frequent guest Coach Jason Brown, made famous from his appearances as a JUCO college football coach on Netflix’s popular show ‘Last Chance U’, get into a heated exchange about Brown’s ‘Patrick Mahomes is overrated gimmick’ take that has been an extremely inflammatory topic of discussion on Whitlock's show.

Brown has long been a critic of Mahomes, saying the praise for Mahomes has reached insanely hyperbolic levels, and that historically elite play-caller Andy Reid, who even made a middling Alex Smith into a Pro Bowler, is the reason Mahomes’ statistics have been so gaudy.

Check out the segment above as well as the FULL segment below, as Whitlock gets so irritated by the end of the exchange that he has to cut Coach Brown’s feed.

Here was the full transcript:

Jason Whitlock: “Why do you continue to troll the Kansas City Chiefs?? Patrick Mahomes has two Super Bowls and two Super Bowl MVPs, and you’re acting like he’s proven nothing!”

Coach Jason Brown: “’Trolling’ sounds like it’s a ‘falsehood’, or a ‘lie’, or it’s a non-truth, and it’s making up things to get clickbait; that’s not me. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t put out crap just to get clicks, I don’t really care. What I say is the TRUTH, and the Kansas City fan base can’t handle it so you can't call me me a ‘troll’. Where has this great Chiefs fan base been the last 15 years? Where were they when Mahomes played at Texas Tech? I said the same stuff last year and didn’t hear anything from them. I am a ‘truth teller’, and the true Chiefs fan base actually agrees with me.”

Whitlock: “You’ve said Patrick Mahomes is a ‘gimmick’, and not an all-time great quarterback. That is going to piss off Chiefs fans when the guy is coming off the MVP and the MVP of the Super Bowl. What more does he have to do??”

Coach Brown: “I can’t make an opinion on this guy being overrated? I’ve never attacked Mahomes personally, this is an opinion-based profession.”


Coach Brown: “Because we’re talking about a guy who has played four seasons and you’re already putting him at no. 2 on the all-time list. Like, miss me with this bull crap, man. He ain’t that good yet, let’s watch him in five years. Let’s be clear, Alex Smith under Andy Reid had nowhere near this roster. Alex Smith went 50-26 as a starter, let’s not act like Patrick Mahomes just re-invented the wheel here. Alex Smith had three seasons in a row with a completion percentage over 66%, and over a 95 rating. Mahomes has had a 66, 65, 66, 66, and 67 this year, the same as Alex Smith, but Mahomes’ rating is 10 points higher than Alex Smith. Do you know why? Because Andy Reid has to create an offense that is conducive for Pat Mahomes to have success in. Andy Reid has the greatest roster he’s ever had in his coaching career the last four years, arguably, and he has what? He’s lost a Super Bowl, he’s gotten beat by Brady twice, and we’re sitting here condoning Mahomes as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Let’s pump our brakes. I never said he was garbage. I know he’s an athletic freak, but let’s pump our brakes. We’re already putting him over Montana, a guy that is 4-0 in the Super Bowl, and threw 14 touchdowns and 0 interceptions? C’mon, man! You say ‘we’ve never seen it before’, I’ve seen a guy named John Elway do it, I’ve seen Brett Favre do it, I’ve seen Aaron Rodgers do it. What do you mean ‘we haven’t seen this before'? You’re telling me because he throws a left-handed grenade pass going to his right that he's re-invented the wheel? You guys must have not seen Michael Vick throw the ball from the pocket before. I’m confused why Andy Reid didn’t have to invent a gimmick offense for Michael Vick, the greatest athlete that ever played quarterback. Why didn’t he create a gimmicky offense for him? Why didn’t he create one for Donovan McNabb? It’s the greatest football coach of our generation making things happen for what he’s got to work with. Great coaches find their personnel and they adapt to it. Andy Reid has had to create a gimmick for him [Mahomes]. I’ve broken down the film entirely. He’s not doing this offense with anyone else. Without this offense Patrick Mahomes isn’t who he is. Why is that hard to understand? He doesn’t sit in the pocket and throw dig routes, corner routes, and post routes on time. This isn’t Patrick Mahomes. He has to shovel pass the ball, make ad-lib plays, and move the pocket to make sure he’s comfortable. Mike Vick stood in the pocket and made better throws on time. Mahomes runs a gimmicky system that is created for him because of his skill set, so let's pump our brakes when we talk about the 'GOAT.' I'm getting bombarded on my phone by real fans who agree with me. Why do my former players, coaches, and friends know and agree with everything I say? Because it's a 'professional' opinion, it's not some guy who runs a podcast in Kansas City who thinks he knows football. I had THAT guy on my podcast yesterday, he couldn't tell me the difference between 'quarters', and 'cover 2', yet he knows more than me? I blasted his butt and he got humble real quick. They don't know what they're talking about." (Full Segment Above)

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