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Colin Cowherd: Why the Packers Finally Had to Get Rid of Aaron Rodgers

Photo: Mike Hewitt

Colin Cowherd: “It’s gonna be at least nine great months— lots of smiles, it’s going to be an exciting time. Aaron said he was ‘90% going to retire’ after the darkness retreat, so Green Bay said we can get a couple great draft picks— they did, or Aaron retires and we get none. We’re pretty good at the ‘draft and development’ thing, let’s get some draft picks, it’s going to end anyway. Just end it a year early. You can get nothing, let’s get something, and something really good. Outside of John Elway with the Broncos and maybe Derek Jeter with the Yankees anything that’s ever been great for a long time in sports almost never ends gracefully. Michael Jordan and the Bulls ended with animosity. Brady and Belichick’s dynasty ended with animosity. Kobe, Shaq, and Phil Jackson ended with animosity. Favre in Green Bay, Dan Marino in Miami— ended with turbulence. Even ‘Mr. Laker’ Jerry West in LA ended bumpy. Even The Beatles ended with turbulence. This is only a one or two year deal, lots of smiles, can’t wait to watch it. This stuff ALWAYS ends poorly. Green Bay simply said ‘we can get greedy here and try to squeeze every ounce of juice out of this thing with Aaron Rodgers, or we can get a couple great picks, give Jordan Love a fighting chance, and we will know by Thanksgiving if he can play. We don’t think he’s Mahomes but he’s not Zach Wilson.' Yeah, the Bulls could have brought everybody back for one more run, but they were old, they were wearing on each other, the GM didn’t like the star, the star didn’t like the owner and the GM…So the Packers got about as much as you can get out of two quarterbacks, Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Both times they moved off they were fine. My guess is that they’ll probably be a little less than ‘fine’ going forward but I get it, it was ending anyway.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Monday’s finalized Aaron Rodgers trade between the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets, as Colin tries to sympathize with a Packers franchise who didn’t seem to have a choice when it came to offloading the iconic yet beleaguered Rodgers.

Check out the segment above with Colin describing how sports partnerships, minus John Elway and Derek Jeter, NEVER end well.

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