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Ruling Made in the Davante Adams Assault Case

An assault charge against Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams stemming from an on-field incident with a credentialed media worker was dropped earlier this month, a spokesperson for the Kansas City municipal court told the Kansas City Star on Friday (June 23).

The charge was dismissed on June 5 and has been ruled as a closed confidential case under Missouri law, according to Benita Jones. Adams was charged with misdemeanor assault for an incident that took place during the Raiders' Monday Night Football loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on October 10.

A Kansas City Municipal Court citation obtained by on October 12 stated that Adams "did, by an intentional, overt act, inflict bodily injury or cause an unlawful offensive contact" to the worker when he shoved him to the ground with both hands, "causing whiplash and head ache," as well as a possible concussion.\

The victim filed a police report against Adams in relation to the incident on October 11, NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported.

The police report stated that the photographer "was pushed to the ground causing injury" and "made arrangements for private transport to the hospital for treatment at which time he called police."

Adams, whose would-be first down catch on the Raiders' final drive was reversed after being reviewed by officials, appeared to let out his frustration on a production crew member in his path while walking off the field after the Raiders failed to convert on the following fourth down play and the Chiefs kneeled the ball before time expired.

"Before I answer anything else, I want to apologize to the guy — some guy running off the field, and he ran, jumped in front of me when we're coming off the field and I bumped into him, kind of pushed him and I think he ended up on the ground," Adams told reporters after the game via Yahoo Sports. "I wanted to say sorry to him for that. That was frustration mixed with him running, literally running in front of me, and I shouldn't have responded that way. But that's how I initially responded so I want to apologize to him for that."