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Colin Cowherd: It's Time For the Bills to Move Off Sean McDermott

Colin Cowherd: “We always say players have a ‘ceiling’, but coaches have a ceiling too. I watched Sean McDermott Sunday night... He’s Chuck Knox, he’s Marty Schottenheimer. Sean McDermott did a very good job to clean up the mess. He’s very good with details and organization— 'Football 101’ stuff, but like Knox and Schottenheimer, I don’t think he’s a visionary or a creative. This team is getting worse. After that opening drive when Burrow scored, I really never felt like Buffalo had a shot. They've never had a top 5 running game under McDermott despite having Josh Allen. Baltimore has a quarterback that moves, why do they always have decent run-games? McDermott has never developed a run-game. In seven years it’s always ‘HEY, JOSH, CAN YOU SAVE US??’ Now Josh Allen is starting to break down like early Cam and early Big Ben. Even at 6’6”, 255, he takes too many shots. He is starting now to show his age, and McDermott is starting to show his ceiling. Football is not just about organizing stuff. Who is the vision of this football operation? Their offense and defense are 17th, and PFF rates their special teams 30th. What do they do well? In a salary cap league you do not have to be a perfect team anymore, you just can't be average at EVERYTHING. You've got to be great at something. You've got to be able to lean into something. With Kansas City it's creativity, with Cincinnati it's Burrow and Chase, with Philadelphia it's Jalen Hurts and the o-line/d-line. What is Buffalo good at? That is the responsibility of a head coach. You can't blame the quarterback. You can't blame Joe Burrow if the secondary of the Bengals isn't tight. This is embarrassing... With Josh Allen, one of the three or four seminal talents in the world playing quarterback, they are one game ahead of the Raiders, and one game behind the Jets with Zach Wilson. NO EXCUSES. It’s time to pivot. There’s a certain rigidity about Sean McDermott and this franchise is now regressing. They’re not Baltimore, they’re not Cincinnati, they’re not Kansas City, they’re not Philadelphia, they’re not San Francisco, and I’m not sure they’re Pittsburgh. Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, a capable offensive coordinator, a Pro Bowler on the offensive line... Very little rhythm, no run game, ‘HEY, JOSH SAVE US!’... I know it’s an uncomfortable conversation, but the coach who can clean stuff up often doesn’t have the vision and leans into rigidity. This organization right now is stuck and regressing.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Buffalo Bills need to start considering an exit strategy with 7-year head coach Sean McDermott, as the franchise appears to be stuck in quicksand when it comes to their pursuit to finally play in a Super Bowl for the first time since the early-90s.

McDermott has won nearly 2/3s of his games with Buffalo and has kept the Bills in contention his entire tenure with the team, but the Bills have seemingly been lapped by AFC contenders the likes of Kansas City, Cincinnati, Baltimore, and even Jacksonville when it comes being a legitimate Super Bowl threat going forward.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks McDermott has finally reached his ceiling as a head coach.

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