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Chris Broussard: In-Season Tournament Title Helps LeBron's 'GOAT' Argument

Kevin Wildes: “What would an In-Season Tournament win, if he wins the whole thing, mean for LeBron’s legacy?” 

Chris Broussard: “Whenever you talk LeBron’s legacy the first thing people think about is ‘GOAT’, ‘MJ’ -- obviously it can’t mean much with Jordan never getting an opportunity for in-season tournaments, but if they win it, I do think this is another notch on LeBron’s belt. I think he understand he’s not going to equal Jordan in rings, so let me build my case. I really think he’s trying to build his case as much as he can. The assault on the record books, the longevity, and right now the In-Season Tournament is getting momentum. Kevin Durant was talking about how ‘all day it felt like a playoff game, like I got family, friends, calling me, texting me...’ While it’s not quite there yet, I don’t know whether it will be five years, ten years, there will come a point where it’s significant. Let’s say hypothetically that Wenbenyama and Chet develop into this great rivalry. There will be a time when the argument is ‘[SO-AND-SO] HAS GOT THREE RINGS, [BLAH, BLAH BLAH HIS NUMBERS], AND FIVE IN-SEASON TOURNAMENTS! HE’S ONLY GOT TWO!’... It will become an argument. For those who cape for LeBron, to be able to say ‘HE WON THE FIRST IN-SEASON TOURNAMENT AT 39!’... That will something he can add [to his legacy].”

Watch Chris Brossard of FS1’s Speak For Yourself explain why he thinks the NBA’s new In-Season Tournament is a lot more important than you think, saying that he believes players like LeBron James will soon to be treating the maiden event like a legacy-defining moment. 

Check out the segment above as Broussard details why he thinks a Los Angeles Lakers tournament victory would add to LeBron’s argument for ‘Greatest of All Time.’ 

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