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Doc Rivers is Nothing But a Charismatic Con Man

Ben Maller: “If the Bucks go through with hiring Doc Rivers, this is floating on the lazy river. If you’re going to fire the coach because the players don’t like the coach – well, who are you going to bring in? I would contact ‘Coach Bud’ and see if he wants to come back. Mike Budenholzer, they won a championship while he was there. He’s not the reason why they won but I’d rather have him than Doc Rivers. I’d rather go down to the morgue and get somebody, and put HIM out there on the bench than Doc Rivers. Doc Rivers is NOT the answer. How many times must he go out there and puke all over the court as a coach?? ‘FEAR THE DEER’? -- the Bucks fans should ‘fear the deer.’ Is Milwaukee ownership drinking everything in the minibar right now? ‘I DON’T KNOW, WE’RE GOING TO BRING IN DOC RIVERS AS THE COACH!!’... When people talk about ‘Glenn Rivers’ -- he’s not actually a doctor – when they talk about Glenn Rivers as a coach we always hear what a ‘nice man’ he is. He’s ‘debonair’ and all of that. You never hear ‘WOW, THAT GUY IS A GOOD COACH!’... I admit, that in all of our professional sports in the industrial complex of sports, pro basketball coaching matters the least. It’s the players’ league, that’s why the Bucks fired the coach... But with that said, there are two words for Doc Rivers: ‘Common Denominator’. Doc Rivers has been the common denominator with talented teams with the ‘Lob City’ Clippers, and the crossover of the beginning of the great Kawhi Leonard era. He also stumbled and bumbled with James Harden and Joel Embiid, who is playing like Wilt Chamberlain in Philadelphia. The longer we get away from Doc Rivers coaching the Celtics, the more amazing what that Boston team was able to do win with Kryptonite Doc Rivers on the sidelines. If you look at ‘Doc’, this is medical malpractice. He is a grifter. The guy is a smooth talker, and the basketball media love him because he plays grab ass with them and gives a good quote, and sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. He’s a charismatic con man is what Doc is in terms of coaching. The guy played in the NBA, fine, but in terms of coaching the guy is a con man.” 

Watch Ben Maller of Fox Sports Radio’s The Ben Maller Show call out the Milwaukee Bucks for hiring ‘charismatic con man’ Doc Rivers as their new head coach, as Maller mocks the Bucks for resorting to bringing in the perpetually underachieving Rivers who has repeatedly failed at pushing stacked rosters desperate for a leader across the finish line for the last decade-plus. 

Check out the segment above as Maller calls Rivers a ‘grifter’ and a smooth-talking snake oil salesman who can’t make a difference come postseason time when his supposed championship-ready teams have to perform.  

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