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Colin Cowherd Says Michigan Should Replace Jim Harbaugh With This Big Name

Colin Cowherd: “Michigan is a great college football program and as good as they’ve ever been. What Michigan is going to do is very predictable... When a legend leaves, and Harbaugh is certainly a legend, Universities do two things – they either upgrade somebody on the staff, or they find someone who had a connection to the legend. The inertia of a Harbaugh or Nick Saban will work for about a year and a half, but then you will see cracks because proximity to genius and proximity to greatness does not equal genius or greatness. How many Belichick assistants have hit? The answer is NONE. Steve Spurrier to Ron Zook, Tom Osbourne to Frank Solich, Barry Switzer to Gary Gibbs... Great programs, a familiar face, it looks like it works, and then it doesn't... It doesn’t work because there’s only one Nick Saban. It feels good -- you can keep the staff, the fans have their Natty and feel pretty good, everybody likes the assistant, the players like him, the recruits stay – I get it... But UCLA has been chasing Wooden my entire life and for ten years USC was chasing Pete Carroll. What would I do? I would do the unpopular thing. I would hire somebody who makes people uncomfortable like Jim Harbaugh did. I’d hire Brian Kelly. I know you don’t like him, but many don’t like Jim Harbaugh. But yet Brian Kelly wins, wins everywhere, and wins instantly. He rubs people the wrong way, but even today after all his success, so does Harbaugh. We live in a world now where people are just ‘anti’ things. Despite the data you can hand them on Harbaugh, people to the very end called him overrated. Jim Harbaugh is an all time coach. Brian Kelly is not there -- he never got to a Super Bowl, he doesn’t have NFL offers, and doesn’t have a Natty, but he’s the closest thing to Jim... But he’s not going to hired and I get it. A young man who deserves a chance at Michigan will, and I wish him the very best, but in my lifetime the ‘easy’, the ‘comfortable’, is almost never the perfect choice.”

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd make his case on why the Michigan Wolverines should steer clear of hiring the team’s offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore to replace the departing Jim Harbaugh, and instead go after this big name instead. 

Check out the segment above as Cowherd details the history of prominent programs experiencing the loss of a legend at head coach, and then their ensuing in-house hires that turned out infamously futile. 

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