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Dan Patrick: Draymond Green is a Hypocrite Calling Modern Players 'Soft'

Draymond Green on Kevin Durant’s podcast talking about modern NBA players: “They soft as hell. Man, I found myself this year trying to talk sh*t to these young dudes that won’t talk, and they like, trying to be a friend. But that’s what these young dudes do nowadays, man. I don’t understand it.”

Listen to Dan Patrick and rest of the ‘Danettes’ discuss Draymond Green’s recent appearance on Kevin Durant’s podcast where Green called modern NBA players ‘soft.’

Check out the segment above as Dan and the crew have a tough time taking Green seriously when Draymond himself is already one of the league’s most sensitive players when it comes to media criticisms, and is ironically giving these comments on a guy’s podcast he memorably called a ‘b**ch’, and a guy he supposedly had this massive beef with that was enough to make KD leave Golden State.

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